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HOSSFELD VINEYARDS is a rocky, extreme hillside, family owned and operated vineyard perched high above the valley floor in the eastern hills of Napa Valley.  The Hossfeld family has been growing the five Bordeaux varietals at our vineyard estate since 1981.  Now under second generation leadership, we bring the same dedication to land stewardship and wine growing that has made the Napa Valley exceptional.  Our passion is producing superb quality grapes and wine while spicing up the valley with a ‘highlanders’ approach.  

HOSSFELD VINEYARDS was carved from the hard, volcanic rock of Soda Canyon, high above the Napa Valley floor.  With perseverance the hilltop was faceted like a gemstone, each block showcasing its brilliance. Major rock outcroppings, steep terraces and good drainage all combine to grow unrivaled grapes.

WE PRODUCE premium, mountainside estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Merlot wine.  Our wine is the purest expression of our unique terroir; concentrated dark fruits with powerful structure. 

OUR FOUNDERS, Henry and Susan Hossfeld, came to Napa in 1981 with the dream of planting a vineyard. They did not have a farming background but with raw determination (and a little dynamite), they created our extreme hillside vineyard and our family tradition of growing grapes was born.

FROM THE FIRST generation to the second, the Hossfeld family transfers a legacy; a vineyard vision was imagined and a winegrowing legacy established. 

OUR WINES are produced in small quantities and are offered twice a year, exclusively to our Mailing List, once in the Fall and again in the Spring.  To be notified of our release dates and to secure wine, we invite you to join our Mailing List.