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 From dynamiting each individual vine hole to selecting rootstock and clones, our vineyard was established in 1981 by Henry and Susan Hossfeld and the family tradition of growing grapes was started.


The hillscape lay wild and overgrown with native flora and fauna, i.e. lots of poison oak. The original idea for this property was to plant kiwi orchards. This was quickly thrown to the wayside with the notion that this site with its afternoon breeze, pure bedrock soil and elevated location would grow premium hillside grapes. 


Our site is rocky, so much so our parents had to use dynamite to fragment the rock to create each individual plant hole and to sculpt the hillside into our signature rocky terraces.  They would drive their VW Rabbit to the neighboring county to buy blasting caps, gunpowder and dynamite sticks to set off on the weekends whilst maintaining their full time jobs. With a clear vision, trash can lids as helmets and a passion to become grape growers, our parents created one of the most extreme mountain terraced vineyards.

This video taken during the creation of the vineyard shows dynamite being set off in a field.


At 11pm on October 8th, 2017 the Atlas fire took our homes and backside of the vineyard.  The family and animals are all safe and temporarily relocated to south Napa.  


WE REPLANTED in April of 2019 and broke ground on Susan’s new home and a compound for her animal menagerie in June 2019.  We are looking forward to the future and creating new memories.